Including Subject-Based Rap Music In Schools’ Entertainments To Promote Education


Nowadays, in the face of youths’ increasing preference for fun-filled activities, educating students can be more challenging as many educators now find teaching and learning activities in second cycle schools slowly reducing into their dull or inactive forms because they don't really fancy how entertainment and education could go hand in hand to benefit students.

Surprisingly, if students could sing and rap popular songs, precisely, but could fail to apply the same talent in itemizing and visualizing basic concepts in a classroom situation, then it means they’re becoming disinterested with the conventional pattern of teaching and learning.

Across the world, as part of efforts to make education sustainable, non-traditional educational strategies including edutainment are being given priorities in many basic and second cycle schools to complement long hour classes in order to increase learning among young people.

However, to make the edutainment aspects in schools more effective and productive, educators are now making sure the content of the edutainment is replete with fun elements to raise students’ interest in learning.

Interestingly, in Ghana's second cycle schools there already exist entertainment activities simply because policymakers have long recognized its relevance, since it's capable of transforming students into all-round individuals, because there's a popular maxim that says, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!’

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