Bella Shmurda 'Only You' Now Available on YouTube

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Following the great success of his 2020 hit, Bella Shmurda is back with a new drop, ‘Only You’. The fast rising Nigerian artist is putting on a softer side to his music with this love song. Only You is without doubt a song you want to dance to in the club with your s/o or whoever really.

The video is a two man video with Bella and his love interest. It is a very simple video with a couple of shots just showing the simple art of Bella showing out his love to the girl. The video is filled with subtle colours with the props, location and clothes used in it.

Bella takes on Burna’s style with his use and frequenting of the harmonies through the song. The song has very subtle and well laid afro-beat infused instrumentation. This gives Bella the liberty to shine with his rough-edged vocals and simple and light dance styles in the audio and video, respectively.

This would make a good love song with its stripped version but in the meantime, dance away with Bella Shmurda.

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