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By Ian Jacob

The Kansoul are pretty much veterans when it comes to music in the 254(Kenya). The three man group includes Mejja, Kid Kora and Madtraxx. The group was formed in 2014 and have produced crazy some bangers ever since. Tracks like Jinyce, Bablas, Utamu wa life and Accelerator are all top notch hits that have swept across Nairobi with a fire as hot as this city’s midday sun. They have a couple of features with Kenyan A-list artist like King Kaka’s ‘Kula Vako' , Ochungulo family’s ‘Na Iwake' banger and recently Jay Rox’s ‘Distance'.

The last time Kansoul dropped a tune, the stick shift was switching gears on rather catchy ‘Accelerator'. The summer time banger was a brilliant success with its cool beat and infectious hook. They featured singer Vivian on the jam and she linked  up the rap rather brilliant. The ‘Bablas' hitmakers are not know to ride a wave for too long. A couple of hours ago, The Kansoul dropped a super banger dubbed ‘Rudi Salon'. They featured a rap/singing Rosa. The Kansoul are know for the unexpected so nobody saw another singing artist on another of their tracks. Vivian from Accelerator must have ignited something special for The Kansoul to accommodate another singing artist.

Rudi Salon' is an awesome listen with its awesome Kapuka beat and catchy hook. Madtraxx intros the song with a solid verse and a spectacular hook. Rosa is a sensational artist, the special lady opens her verse with a few rap bars and takes it away with a bit of singing. Mejja’s verse is super hilarious, I laughed through his part. The instrumental was produced by Madtraxx, mixed and mastered at ABH Studios. The Lyrics to the new banger was by Mejja and Rosa.

The song is dubbed ‘Rudi Salon' which translates to ‘Back to the Salon’.  The video had to be obviously shot in a Salon .LEO’s Salon had the honour to provide the video shoot location. Unfortunately we don’t get to hear Kid Kora throw it down on the Kapuka beat but his in the video as a hairdresser with Mejja . Ladies and Gents this might be the song you want to bump to as you head to get your hair done. The song is has 30k plus streams in its 4hr debut magnificence. Once again  The Kansoul produce a magical tune. They don’t need no validation when it comes to bangers.

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