KENYA: Gin Ideal Finally Opens Up About Leaving Grandpa

Gin Ideal is under a new management.

Taurus Group has taken her up and her first project is something to die for.

Given that the video starts with the mention of a new management, the question had to be addressed. We saw her grow into who she is under Grandpa records and she says she does not regret it at all.
“I do not regret a thing. In fact, i am grateful to grandpa for giving me the platform and for all the lessons I have learned there,” Gin Ideal said.

Then what really is the reason she is no longer under Grandpa?

Well, Gin Ideal’s contract was over. This was also the same story that Dufla shared when asked about his sudden exit from Grandpa.

Then why didn’t she renew it?

Gin Ideal in an interview with Mpasho said she will be very honest in the interview and she was. At this point, her name is already known and staying at Grandpa was not worth it.

She needed a place where she would grow her career to the next level and Taurus had exactly that.

The only regret Gin Ideal had was that she did not produce as many singles as she would have loved to. Her consistency was wanting but that is a lesson she will take with her and do the very best to release a lot of songs.

The question as to why many artistes are leaving grandpa still raises eyebrows but from the rumors out there, CEO of Grandpa, Refigah might be joining politics.

Dufla is also no longer part of Grandpa though he is not signed anywhere so far. For him, he wants to be independent for now but who knows.


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