How Wizkid Wanted To Scam Me By Amota

About Amota!
Adeleke Emmanuel Omosuyi popularly known as Amota. Amota hails from Ondo State. He's an afro fusion Artist. Have a lot of singles and collaborations e.g Sexy Lady, Party all night, Meji-Meji, Sepe Sepe ft Danny Young(2009), Cheaters ft Bamzigi (Kenyan top rapper) etc.

My experience with Wizkid!
I met a lady who works with global company on a transit, we discussed about the music industry which she claimed to have close contact with some of the top Artist in the industry, I told her I need to have a collaboration with one among the top of the Artist we having in the industry and she advised me to go for Wizkid that he's accommodating which she gave me Wizkid contact. I gave the contact to my manager (Diamond Sheva), so that she can do follow up with it. While discussing with Wizkid on WhatsApp, he asked my manager details about me and also ask if I will be interested in his music label company (Starboy worldwide), as a huge opportunity my manager find that interesting and we told Wizkid that we would be glad if I can be given such opportunity to be sign to starboy worldwide. He told my manager that the registration fees for Starboy worldwide is N300.000, as a great opportunity to showcase my brand, we told him I can run around for the money as far as I will be announce as starboy new Artist. After my struggling, I was able to get the money, he directed us to a studio at No 27 Olagoke street off adelani bustop, ikola illumo ipaja. He told us that he will ask his manager Sunday Are to meet us there but his producer which is Sir Nooz, will access my songs, on getting to the location on 19-july-2017, we met with Sir Nooz (his producer) which we gave him some of my songs after some few minutes Wizkid sent an account number to my manager to transfer the registration fee of N300.000, my manager called me aside that she is not sure if this is really Wizkid cos why is he been too forward for us to transfer the money without seeing him or his manager as he said, as an experienced banker, I told my manager to let us leave the arena in disguise for security reasons, we proceed to bank to verify the account details. On getting to the bank the account details doesn't carry the real Wizkid image, my manager was surprised. Thank God we didn't fall into scammer. We called him to explain to him that the account is not of the Wizkid that we know but he bagged the call on my manager. Since then he hasn't been responding to me nor my manager.

Reason why I want this to be publish is that, it might be the real Wizkid that want to play pranks with me to scam and still my brands as an upcoming Artist, I don't want him to start using those my songs and freestyle that I sent to him. Because he ask me to send him some of my songs and did a freestyle for him which I sent 4 good songs to him including my freestyle. Those music stars can be smart at times to steal lyrics from the upcoming thinking they can not claim it. And if it's not Wizkid, I want the upcoming artist's out there to be aware of scammers using Artist name to get money all in the name of getting sign to a record label

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