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What is Rhumba/Zilizopendwa?

It is a genre of music that originated from the East Coast of the United States in the 1930s. It is a mix of different types of instruments such as trumpet, saxophone, guitar, piano, bass and drums. Rhumba comes from the English word Rumbear which means having a good time at parties by dancing and singing. It is one of the most known and oldest genres in the world. The genre has undergone a lot of evolution, bringing forth several sub-genres that differ from country to country. For example, after the Second World War, Cuban Rhumba was developed and became very popular in Cuba.

Who Invented Rhumba/Zilizopendwa?

There are a lot of theories regarding the pioneer of zilizopendwa. However, credible sources credit Doris Lavelle and her partner for being the pioneers of this category. They are believed to have pioneered the genre and popularised it across Europe. In 1913, Lew Quinn and Joan Sawyer introduced Rhumba in the United States, but it did not go mainstream until 10 years later where it started spreading its flames to different parts of the US, with locals terming it a "civilized" style of music.

Which is the most popular type of Rhumba?

While Rhumba/Zilizopendwa traces its roots to America, the most common sub-genre under this category is from Congo. In Congo, Zilizopendwa gained prominence in the 1940s after heavy rotation on popular radio station, Radio Congo Belge which featured songs under this category mostly from Spain and Cuba. Local artists were inspired by the sound and started doing covers. The sound was slowly adopted in Congo and Eastern Africa. In the 1960s and 70s, the genre became so common in the region thanks to bands such as Grand Kalle et l'African Jazz led by Joseph Kabasele who jumped on the new wave and pushed the sound.
What characteristics best describe Zilizopendwa?
It is characterised by heavy and slow beats which are easy to dance to. The slow beats make it easy to understand the lyrics which always bear deep messages for the audience. While it can be performed by a single artist, a band usually makes the final product better and more appealing. Lastly, there is no Rhumba music minus dancing. This genre goes hand in hand with dancing.

Who are the popular artists under this genre?

There are many artists who are doing a great job in this category, however, those tha have been expectional include:

- Fally Ipupa
- Mose Sesengo
- Papa Wemba
- Franco Makiadi
- Koffi Olomide
- Awilo Longomba
- Kanda Bongo Man
- Innoss'b
- Samba Mapangala
- Pepe Kalle
- General Defao
- Roga Roga
- Wenge Music
- M'bilia Bel

What are some of the best songs under this genre?

Une Minute - Fally Ipupa
Chacun Pour Soi - Papa Wemba
Selfie - Koffi Olomide
Coupe Bibamba - Awilo Longomba
Enemy Solo - Awilo Longomba ft P Square
Kamalandwa - Franco Luamba
La Vie Est - Fally Ipupa
Inama - Diamond Platnumz ft Fally Ipupa
Extravaganza - Sauti Sol
Naikei Nairobi - Mbilia Bel
Mbwe Mbwe - Bien ft Aaron Rimbui

Is Rhumba/Zilizopendwa exclusive to Congo?

Not really. The genre has been embraced in several countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda among other countries. In Kenya for example, several popular artists have released great jams under this category. For example, one of the biggest songs from Sauti Sol's Bien 'Mbwe Mbwe' fell under this category, same as Nairobi by Bensoul featuring Sauti Sol and Mejja. In Tanzania, Diamond worked with Kofi Olomide, one of the Rhumba legends releasing 'Waah' that went viral globally. Harmonize, another leading artist in Tanzania worked with Awilo Longomba on 'Attitude' which also achieved massive success. In Uganda, artists like Eddy Kenzo have also jumped on the sound.

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