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Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Dubbed (more)
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Even in death, Michael Jackson remains the best-selling pop artist in the U.S 13 years after leaving the world. This explains how powerful his music was and that it lives on and continues to shape his legacy. His songwriting skills inspired generations, and so did his signature dance which holds water for his moniker as the “king of pop”.

On 29th August 1958, the world welcomed a bouncing baby boy as the eighth born in Indiana. In a family of 12, his parents, Joseph Walter ‘Joe’ and mother, Katherine Walter would shape the musical life of their family.
Katherine and Joseph, typical African-American parents, living in Gary, Indiana played different instruments. The matriarch played the piano and clarinet while the husband played the guitar while off boxing and operating a crane to fend for his family.
His passion for music resonated here, and Michael Jackson started shaping his legacy as a dancer and musician when he was only four years old.

The Billie Jean singer joined a family band established by his father in 1964. His older brothers and sisters were in the band performing different roles – playing instruments and as backup vocalists. Joe would take a seat during rehearsals with a belt which he used to carve perfection from his eighth born, who went on to conquer the world as the best pop star there will ever be.

Michael Jackson caught up fast, and by the end of 1964, the family band was renamed from Jackson Brothers to the Jackson 5.

He also became a lead vocalist together with his elder sister Jermaine. By 1970, the band was a fierce force in Gary – their hometown – and beyond. They even made it to the US Billboard for four weeks courtesy of ‘I Want You Back’ in 1970. Even better, he took time to sharpen his skills as a songwriter and partly embarked on a solo career in 1971.

He started by recording songs for Motown Records and did five solid solo albums in nine years. The iconic pop dance was now an established force in pop music. By 1980 his combination of dance, vocals and sensational songwriting became so popular across America. "Working Day and Night" and “Don't Stop Til You Get Enough” were some of his top-charting singles prior to 1980.

In 1997, he relocated to New York, where he produced three of his first five solo albums. The city taught Michael Jackson new music skills. The hip-hop songs that welcomed him to the city’s clubs formed a huge part of his famous beat-boxing style, evident in his hit song ‘Working Day and Night’. Then, his fifth studio album, ‘Off the Wall' defined a complex sound that impressed many. The album sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and peaked at number three on the US Billboard 200. Four of its records, "Rock with You”, "Off the Wall", "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" and "She's Out of My Life" remain an all-time favourite.

The “Moonwalk” super dancer would become an astounding fashion guru to crown his music success. More than a decade after his death, he still remains an internet sensation with each music video bringing a modern feeling to pop songs.

His beat-it track transcends time and it deserves every award that came his way.

Popular Songs by Michael Jackson

1. Off the Wall
2. Billie Jean
3. Will You Be There
4. She's Out of My Life
5. Working Day and Night
6. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
7. Rock With You
8. Beat It
9. Earth Song
10. You Are Not Alone
11. The Way You Make Me Feel
12. Liberian Girl

Why You Should Listen to Songs by Michael Jackson
Unquestionably, Michael Jackson had a tremendous global impact.

He challenged racial boundaries, smashed records, and transformed the music business. His innovative ingenuity in every song he put out fundamentally altered how music is created and distributed.

He remains one of the biggest stars in the contemporary music industry. The musical with he displayed with smooth lyrics and world-acclaimed dance made him a hard-to-forget celebrity artist. It is these abilities that swiftly allowed him to dominate the music industry with successful hit after hit. Listening to his songs stirs a sense of creativity and appreciation of talent.

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