Lilin Baba

Lilin Baba

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Born 2nd January 1992,Shu’aibu Ahmed Abbas popularly known with the stage name Lilin Baba is a Nigerian singer, (more)
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Lilin Baba is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and actor whose real name is Shu'aibu Ahmed Abbas. The singer was born on January 1st, 1992 and he is considered one best Arewa music acts that have shaped Arewa Music. The singer is also considered one of the industry's best actors after appearing in a movie titled Hauwa Kulu.


Before venturing into the music industry, he sold used to sell ice blocks in Kano. Around this time, he started to be influenced musically by different artists such as Lil Wayne, Saa'dau Bori, and the music duo, P Square. These are the icons who shaped his songwriting skills because they fired up a passion like no other in him to be half as great as they are.

In 2011, the singer shifted to Abuja where he owned his car and started a mortgage business. After his business skyrocketed, Baba decided to find a studio for recording his songs and it was during this process that he met two producers, Shadow and Garkuwa who helped to shape his artistry. In 2016 he released his debut single titled "Arewa" which was critically acclaimed.

His duet, "Ba Zam" with Umar Shareef, became a hit not only in Nigeria but also in different parts of Africa, such as Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, Niger, and Sudan.

After meeting film producer Abubakar Bashir Mashadda in Abuja, he was persuaded to join the movie industry as an actor. After a series of negotiations and consultations, Lilin Baba agreed to act in the movie called "Hauwa Kulu" which proved to be a box office hit and received awards both in Nigerian and overseas and it also became the first film ever posted in Nigeria’s First Lady’s Instagram page.

The ‘Zo Gani’ singer credits his musical growth to his cordial relationship with producers. His respect for them and theirs in return made it easy for him to keep learning new things and making his music better. David Dee, a producer, handheld the ‘Sai Ke’ singer and taught him almost everything he knows about music making. Dee who hails from Northern Nigeria is the reason why fans enjoy ‘Dabbing’ featuring Zango.

Which Are Some Of Lilin Babah's Most Popular Songs?

1. Robin Raina
2. Yarinya
3. Labarina
4. Rigar So
5. Zo gani
6. Sai Ke
7. Ba Wata
8. Zauna Gan
9. Gimbiya
10. Ranar Aure
11. Suri
12. Duniya
13. Jinja

Does Lilin Baba Have Any Album Or EP?

So far Lilin Baba has released only one EP which is titled "Tauraro" containing 6 songs such as;

1. Yarinya
2. Matso
3. Sai Ke
4. Zo Gani
5. In Na Gan Ki

Which Awards Has He Won?

Lilin Baba won the 2019 Arewa Best RnB Music Act of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards and was also nominated in the 2018 City People Entertainment Awards as the Best Promising Act.

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