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Who is Weasel?

Douglas Mayanja, popularly known as Weasle is a Ugandan singer and songwriter. The 32-year-old music star was widely known as a member of the Goodlyfe crew otherwise known as Radio & Weasel. The two-man band made a lot of hit songs together and rose to become one of the most successful bands in East Africa.

Weasel was born into a musical family. He has three brothers; all of whom are successful musicians. The three include; the late AK47, Pallaso, and Jose Chameleone.

The death of AK47 who had made a name for himself as one of Uganda’s most sought-after rappers immensely affected Weasle. As a way of honoring the closeness, Weasel named his firstborn child after the late brother.

Pallaso, on the other hand, currently ranks among East Africa’s top artists. He enjoys a wide fanbase that goes beyond the region. Some of his hit songs include; Bega Bega, Malamu, Nalonda Nemala, Go Down, Mpa Love, Happy Birthday And Hana Remix Among Many Others.bega Bega, Malamu, Nalonda Nemala, Go Down, Mpa Love, Happy Birthday, And Hana Remix Among Many Others.

Jose Chameleone is considered one of the founding fathers of Uganda's music. He was among the first Uganda artists to become successful beyond the borders of his home country. Over the years, Chameleone made a lot of hit songs that created an impressive legacy that still lives on.

Weasel, while following in the footsteps of his brothers, reportedly dropped out of school while in his senior education to pursue music. He ventured into music as a solo artist and released his first album dubbed Doreen.

He, later on, joined his long-term friend Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo alias Radio to form the popular dynamic duo Radio & Weasel. The two enjoyed a unique chemistry where Radio sang RnB while Weasle spiced up the tracks with Reggae and Dancehall genres vibes. For years, the band released top hit songs and albums, steadily rising to become Uganda’s finest band. Together they were nominated for and won some of the prestigious music awards within and beyond Uganda.

In 2013, the duo was nominated at the BET awards under the category of The Best International Act - Africa. They also had the pleasure of gracing other top awards such as the Pearl of Africa Music Awards and Tanzanian Music Awards.

The band, however, suffered a setback on 1st February 2018 after its lead singer Radio died from brain injuries that he suffered following an altercation at an entertainment joint in Entebbe. The death threw the entire Uganda music industry into mourning. Apart from being a member of the band. Radio had also released successful hit singles including; Jennifer, Dagala, Wololo, and Sweet Lady.

Radio’s death marked the end of Radio and Weasel. Weasel continued releasing songs as an independent artist but still maintained the identity of Radio on Weasle.

The duo was praised by many for setting new standards in the Ugandan music industry with their top record-breaking songs.

What are some of his popular songs?
Bread & Butter
Breath Away
Cant Let You Go
Singa Omanyi
Good Over Evil
Am Coming

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