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Is a music genre that originated in Zanzibar in the 1840s and has continued to evolve and become the most important music genre on the East African Coast. The word taarab is a deviation from the Arabic verb “tariba”. This music is synonymous with the East African coast and is closely associated with Swahili culture and way of life.

Songs in this genre usually talk about love and relationships and utilize musical instruments such as The Qanun which is super popular in the Middle East, traditional drums, electric keyboards and piano and sometimes guitar to produce well-structured melodies.

Sultan Seyyid Bargharsh is credited for introducing the genre in Zanzibar after inviting popular Egyptian musicians to perform in his palace. He later sent Mohamed Ibrahim to Egypt to learn more about music. After his trip from Egypt Mohamed Ibrahim established Zanzibar Taarab Orchestra and from there Taarab became a household genre. The style is also familiar to Hausa music in Nigeria.

In many history books Siti Binti Saad is mentioned to be "The Marilyn Monroe" of the genre due to her popularity in the early era and she is remembered as the first woman in East Africa to record an entire album of this type of music.

Bi Kidude is another popular artist who is credited for developing and nurturing the coastal-based musical style. She started singing songs in 1920 and by the 1950s she was one of the most popular musicians of classical music in Tanzania and is considered to be the most iconic female singer in the history of this style of music.

As years went on, different bands started to emerge specializing in this and Jahazi Modern Taarab which is led by Mzee Yusuph is usually considered as one of the most prominent Taarab bands of all time. In recent years there has been a hot debate on the decline of this genre in Tanzania as most of the songs don't get the attention of mainstream media and don't get invitations from major show promoters.

Popular Artists

The genre has given birth to many talented musicians since its inception. Some of the most popular Taarab singers of all time in Tanzania include :

1. Bi Kidude
2. Mzee Yusuph
3. Khadija Kopa
4. Isha Mashauzi
5. Omary Kopa
6. Bi Shakila
7. Leyla Rashid
8. Prince Amigo
9. Hadija Yusuf
10. Fatuma Nyoro.

Popular Songs

1. Moyo Unalia Macho Yanacheka - Bi Shakila
2. Pembe La Ng'ombe - Dar Moderns
3. Daktari wa Mapenzi - Mzee Yusuf
4. Full Stop - Khadija Kopa
5. Nimpe Nani - Isha Mashauzi
6. Nasema Nawe - Diamond Platnumz
7. Sitaki Ushambenga - Omary Kopa
8. Nani Kama Mama - Isha Mashauzi
9. Paka Mapepe - East African Melody
10. Maneno Ya Mkosaji - Jahazi Modern Taarab

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