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Adeleke Adenike is a Nigerian afro pop / afro soul singer and songwriter with an impeccable voice to die for.
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About Denike

On September 1 1997, Nigeria welcomed a newborn, Denike who would 25 years later become an Afrobeat sensation. Many know Adenike Adeshayo Adeleke (her real name) for her lyricism and vocal prowess which makes her a darling to millions of Afrobeat lovers in and out of Nigeria
Growing up in Lagos, life was good enough but she knew that she would one day want to have a soft life like many other affluent families in this locality. But, music wasn’t something she paid attention to until her teenage years. The ‘Ejika’ hitmaker started viewing music differently and the urge to make great music grew stronger. It is in her teenage years that the Lagos-born artist discovered her songwriting talent.

Denike nursed it all through. It’s safe to say that she brewed to a commercial level by the time she broke out in 2018. She released ‘Eyinju’, her first single under her label Sleekjamz Records. Hitherto, this song remains special because it introduced her to Nigeria’s music scene. Many listeners expressed their admiration for her musical prowess – they did not know it was one of many firsts.

‘Ejika’, another of her breakout song ruled Nigerian airwaves in 2019 after its release. It was another milestone for her and Sleekjamz Records which she founded in her early 20s. Denike hoped the song would do well but what surprised her is the tremendous success it amassed. She views it as a reward for her hard work and resilience in life. She credits this sophomore hit to her success in music - which happened so fast.

In general, 2019 was a good year as she followed up Ejika’s release with two more hits to crown the year. ‘Away’ which came out in December 2019 earned her respect and admiration in equal measure. Just like many other artists, different experiences inspire her to do music. And nasty love experiences made her crave true love. The conviction of this feeling was so intense that she put it down on paper way long before recording and releasing it.

With her name out there, Denike knows how to worm up to people’s hearts. Being a Yoruba girl, she believes her native language has some potent powers to remain in the hearts and minds of people. You will notice her Yoruba-English wit in each of her songs which is not accidental; it’s all part of her campaign. Who are her idols though? Simi and Davido, says the ‘Goosebumps’ singer adding that though Simi nurtured her, she has a distinct sound that everyone identifies with.

When it comes to fame, the Afrobeat crooner says she doesn’t care about anyone's popularity but is only focused on her work. What keeps her awake is the zeal to remain unique and relevant in the industry. That’s why her ‘Goosebumps’ EP is a different ball game altogether. It takes you on a journey about being a woman and loving. Besides entertaining, it passes a crucial lesson on romance and relationships plus the beauty of being a woman.

In a nutshell, music is what defines her. She lives for it and if she ever had a chance to rewrite her life, she would choose it again.

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• Goosebumps

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