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About Nigerian Gospel Songs

Gospel music is a genre of music that originated in the African-American community in the United States. It typically consists of spiritual lyrics and is usually accompanied by choirs. Although this type of music is popular all over the world, it is especially popular in Africa and the Americas. In Nigeria, these types of songs are particularly popular and often feature choirs.
As a genre of music, it started in the 1800s.

Originally, they were used in church services as a form of spiritual worship. Over time it evolved into a type of music with a wide appeal that is enjoyed by people of all faiths. Today, it is found in a variety of genres, including contemporary, rap, rock, blues, and soul. This music is also a very important part of religious worship in many denominations of Christianity.

Nigerian gospel songs have a long and fascinating history. It is often praised for its emotive melodies and spiritual and spirit-lifting lyrics. Its root in the Nigerian music scene can be traced back to the early 1900s when missionaries and evangelists began to spread the “word of God” throughout Africa.

Surprisingly, gospel hymns is a custom attribute going back to Portuguese Catholic missionaries. Present in in Benin city in the 15th century, they cultivated a culture of praise through hymns. The majority of these songs were performed back then during church services. They adopted the format of Gregorian chant-style monophonic liturgy, which consists of songs with only one melody line and no polyphony.

This means these songs were not written or performed in bits. Fast forward to the 19th century, The Church Missionary Society (CMS), sponsored and owned by the Church of England came in with a new dimension. It focused its operations in the South-West region of Nigeria where gospel music evolved.

Today, they are widely enjoyed around the world thanks to internet music digital platforms/services like Mdundo and YouTube! They are now widely known and appreciated in countries like Kenya, Uganda, and the United States.
Reverend Ransome Kuti was one of the earliest known Nigerian gospel music singers. In 1922, he was invited to the UK and during this visit, he recorded about forty-three songs and released the songs under the then Zonophone Records now known as Warner Music Group. He is the first Nigerian to have recorded songs classified in this genre and is regarded as the father of Nigerian gospel music.

Ever since the scene has never been short of talents known both locally and internationally. In May 2020, Sinach became the first African to top the Billboard Christian Songwriters Chart, a feat she achieved with her award-winning record, Way Maker. She is one of the most respected acts in the country. Mercy Chinwo, Frank Edwards, Minister GUC, Judikay, Nathaniel Bassey, Tope Alabi, Time Godfrey, Ada Ehi, Eben and Samsong are a few of the most popular in a long list of Nigerian artists in the genre.

Nigerian gospel songs are not limited to just gospel music artists alone. Secular artists who are also Christians have often times released new songs in this genre either as a single or part of their album. This is because a lot of these come from or always have a church background and with that being an important part of their musical journey, they still associate themselves and release music classed in the genre. In some cases, secular artists have also switched from doing secular music to becoming gospel music artists. Winner of MTN Project Fame 2010, Chidinma is an example of an artist who switched from secular music.

Popular Nigerian Gospel Songs
1. Chinedum by Mercy Chinwo
2. Way Maker by Sinach
3. Bulldozer by Chioma Jesus
4. More Than Gold by Judikay
5. Hosanna by Steve Crown
6. You Are Worthy by Tope Alabi
7. Chioma by Frank Edwards
9. Settled by Ada Ehi
10. Faithful God by Onos
11. Ekwueme by Prosper Ochimana
12. Do It For Me by Progress Vincent

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