Ugandan Mixes 2023 ✔️

Ugandan Mixes 2023 ✔️

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Ugandan Mixes 2022

Ugandan music keeps evolving and growing over years even with the artists choosing to mostly do their music using their native languages. The most used language is Luganda largely associated with the Central people of Buganda.

According to popular music promoter and legendary DJ Erycom, Uganda experienced the most significant musical change in 1998. Thanks to music star Red Banton -the Five Star General- who rose to prominence with his Noonya Money hit song, which got airplay across the country. Red Banton ruled the Ugandan music scene until 2000 when Jose Chameleone got back to Uganda from Kenya with his hit song "Mama Mia" song, which quickly became an anthem in Uganda and throughout East Africa.

Further with the embrace of DJs across most East African Countries, Ugandan music mixes have also been created to reach various audiences across East Africa. At the moment Mdundo Music provides well-curated Ugandan mixes for its audience from some of the biggest artists including Palaso, Sheebah, Spice Dianah, Juliana Kanyamozi, David Lutaalo just to name a few.

Uganda's love affair with Jamaican music began in the 1990s when artists such as Shanks Vivi Dee, Ragga Dee, and others were influenced by Jamaican superstars such as Shabba Ranks. They brought Ragga music into Uganda, and despite stiff competition from other African music styles and musicians at the time, particularly Soukous from Congo and Kwaito from South Africa, they laid the groundwork for the pop music industry. The pop music scene did not emerge until the twenty-first century when musicians like Chameleone emerged.

Erycom, real name Mutebi Erycom, was the first Ugandan to own a YouTube channel and was one of the first two Ugandans to make Ugandan music circulate on major digital platforms.

DJ Erycom has utilized the internet's availability to promote Ugandan music and Ugandan artists, which is why Ugandan music has now reached a bigger audience in this digital world.

Many of the performing artists have since joined the Uganda Performing Rights Society, which has improved the music and perks of Ugandan artists through its roles as copyright administrators.

With amazing creations from various Dj's Ugandan mixes are now embraced largely on various music platforms where fans can easily download the music without so much struggle online. This also makes them available across Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Kanya and Tanzania.

The various tribes in Uganda provide a chance for versatility in their music. For example, the Buganda music one of the many different types of drums are the enormous and revered royal drums. Another popular drum is the engalabi, which has a long, rounded shape.

The drums are played in sync with a variety of other melodic musical instruments, such as the kadingidi, an indigenous violin, and chordophones like the ennanga harp and the entongoli lyre. While the Eastern cultures had various tribes in this area, including the Bagwere, Basoga, Banyoli, Bagisu, Jopadhola, Iteo, Sabin, and Basemya, and each has its own musical style.

These tribes produced music in the 1990s using their own instruments, such as the Bagwere's kongo, the Basoga's xylophones (mbeire), the Jopadhola and Banyoli's fumbo, and the Iteso's adungu. As a result, the style and composition of the music varied depending on which tribe was singing at the time. Numerous tribes attempted to embrace modern production techniques in the 20th century, yet they continue to create their songs in their tribal languages.

Many different tribes have artists, such as the Bagwere with Waisana, Benenego, rapper Sky Dee, Area B, Waikere, and Bluzman, the Bagisu with San Sea, Ben, and Nutty Nathan, and the Basoga with Crazy MC, Rachel Magola, and Maro.

With all the historical heritage Ugandan music has, Ugandan Music mixes are definitely something you would appreciate on your playlist and mixes.

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