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What is Singeli?
It is a genre of music from Tanzania made up of fast-paced beats. It emerged in the early 2000s. The genre came into existence as a result of fusing different sounds that include; Segere, Mchiriku, Taarab and Bongo Fleva. Due to the influence of Bongo Fleva, Singeli had not been getting its fair share of glory.

For over ten years, it was considered a sound for the old and those staying in the villages. Singeli artists were seen as local and taken for granted. They rarely attracted attention and most of them did not have their music on social media and did not take music interviews. Everything changed in 2014 after EFM radio was unveiled in Dar Es Salaam. The station played Singeli music on rotation and made the genre more popular in the country.
Who came up with the genre?

There is no single individual who can be credited with pioneering this sound. However, veteran artist Msaga Sumu is one of the artists whose name always pops up when talking about the genre. He is always referred to as the godfather of Singeli as he is one of the first artists to take this sound mainstream by performing in major concerts in Tanzania.

Cognisant of the potential of this genre, producers in Tanzania have been able to modernize it, making it appealing to renowned Bongo artists by improving the beat and making the songs danceable. Artistes like Rayvanny, Harmonize, Ben Pol, Lava Lava and Diamond have jumped on the sound or used its beat in their projects, further popularising the genre. A good example is when Lava Lava teamed up with Meja Kunta on ‘Wanga’. The song did well and caught the attention of renowned American producer Swizz Beatz who expressed interest in sampling the song’s beats. This and other collaborations have been essential in making Singeli a mainstream sound not only in Tanzania, but also the entire east African region.

Who are the most popular Singeli artists?
Sholo Mwamba
Msaga Sumu
Man Fongo
Meja Kunta
Kinata Mc
Dulla Makabila
Mzee wa Bwax
Balaa Mc

Which are the most popular songs in this genre?
Wanga - Lava Lava ft Meja Kunta
Miss Buza Rayvanny ft Dulla Makabila
Dodoki - Msaga Sumu
Mapenzi - Meja Kunta
Hujanikomoa - Harmonize
Simba - Diamond
Yeye - Man Fogo
Kisulisuli - Mzee Wa Bwax
Kiben Ten - Tamimu
Natamani - Seneta Kilaka

Is it the best genre in Tanzania?
It is one of the best sounds in the country. Its electronic, fast-paced beats has made it dear to many. It, however, faces stiff competition from Bongo Fleva and Taarab among other local sounds.

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