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Catholic Hymns

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Catholic Music. Its main objectives include evangelization through music and ministering
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Catholic Hymns

Catholic music, also known as liturgical music, is music composed for use in religious rites of worship in the Church.

Early Christian Catholic services included a simple refrain, or responsorial, sung by the congregation, which evolved from the musical practices of Jewish synagogues, which allowed the cantor to perform an improvised charismatic song.

Missionaries emphasized the universality of Christianity and, as a result, the need for the East African church to be a part of "catholic" Christianity, which in practice meant Western Christianity. Creeds, hymns, and worship styles were simply literal translations even in Nigeria and other African Countries.

Catholic Hymns are an excellent example of the integration of Catholic and vernacular principles. East Africa was introduced to two types of hymns by missionaries. There were hymns that were classical praise and devotional hymns. Most Protestants, on the other hand, had been influenced by revivalism and thus brought revivalist Gospel hymns to Africa.

This gave rise to the various Western chants, the most famous of which, the Gregorian, reached its pinnacle during the Carolingian Renaissance. A large number of hymns appeared beginning in the 10th century.

As the Catholic church evolved over years the need to have music during masses in the African setting became a thing. Even with technology many church Kwaya’s have now embraced online music platforms by sharing their music.
In Tanzania, the church Kwaya’s have taken this brief remark of “To sing is to pray twice” to heart and will not hesitate to remind one another of the importance of singing.

Tanzanian Masses are dominated by the choir, and no song is complete without choreographed movements such as stamping feet, swaying arms, clapping, and sometimes even joyful cries.

In East Africa choirs rose to fame in countries like Tanzania where Kwayas(choirs) were formed to create praise and worship music. Kwayas like Kijito Nyama Kwaya among many others.

In urban areas, the choir is similar to another type of Small Christian Community. Strong bonds are formed among members as a result of the time spent together, and it is common for other choirs to come together for fellowship and a bit of healthy, prayerful competition in the form of song. Choirs, on the other hand, can quickly become a status symbol within the local church and community. Joining a choir implies that you are willing to invest your time and, in some cases, your money.

If a member is late for practice, a fine is imposed, and members may be expected to pay a membership fee to help support the various choir needs such as new song compositions, instruments, and matching outfits. Above and beyond these minor requirements, every choir's ultimate goal is to gain widespread recognition by releasing a CD. Choirs in rural communities, on the other hand, are far less demanding in terms of time commitment and financial contributions; in some cases, organized choirs may even be non-existent.

Some of the Best Catholic Hymns Include:

1. Mama Maria
2. Moyo wangu
3. Uninyunyuzie maji
4. Hodi Hodi Kwa Bwana
5. Pendo Lake
6. Mimina
7. Mshipi

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