Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando is an East African Swahili gospel artist
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Rose Muhando is a Tanzanian gospel singer and songwriter. She was born and raised in Kilosa, Morogoro region of Tanzania. She was born a Muslim and converted to Christianity after she claimed she saw a vision from Jesus Christ while she suffered on her sickbed for three long years.

In a what she described as a mysterious illness, Rose spoke about gave more details quote below: -

“People think that I have a good, smooth life; totally wrong. My life has been plagued by misfortunes from youth. Soon, this routine changed. A mysterious disease that left me bedridden for three years attacked me. My skin was peeling, and I had a gushing wound in my head that oozed smelly pus. My parents also took me to witch doctors, but no luck there. Finally, they took me home and I lay on a bed awaiting my death. But one night, remembers Muhando, as her parents sat outside their grass­ thatched house, probably reflecting on their fate, a bright light engulfed their house. I saw a bright light. Then a hand clad in white, with a scar in the palm descended from the light and touched my wound. Then a soft voice, exuding authority said, “I am Jesus. I have healed you. Wake up and go serve me.” The light disappeared. Muhando says she ran to her parents shouting, “I am healed, I am healed”. They were astounded. For three years, I had not lifted myself from the bed.”

Just like many gospel singers, Rose started her career in the choir where she served as a teacher in the St Mary’s Choir of the Chimuli Anglican Church in Dodoma. She was reportedly sacked from the choir after her refusal to record music with them. She then started recording her own songs in 2004 and released her first single “Mteule Uwe Macho” the same year.

Is Rose Muhando Dead?

In 2016, there were rumours all over social media and several media platforms with differing reports that the veteran singer was dead or about to die after being bitten by a snake. It didn’t take long for her to put an end to the rumours confirming that she was still alive and also in the process revealing that she had contracted an unknown disease which had caused her legs to swell. She also reassured fans that she never deteriorated to the point of death, promising to share the progress of her diagnosis.

Is Rose Muhando Married?

Not much is known of Rose’s romantic relationships but despite having three children, she remains unmarried and according to KenyaPost has chosen to remain so because she wants to fully devote her life to serving God.

Rose Muhando Awards

- Tanzania Music Awards (Best Female Vocalist 2005)
- Kenya Groove Awards (Best Female Gospel Artist in Africa 2008)
- The Best Tanzanian Gospel Singer Award (2009)
- Rose Muhando Popular Songs
- Ombi Langu
- Simba
- Wanyamazishe
- Sitanyanmaza
- Ee Mungu Nitakushukuru
- Nibebe
- Muongo
- Yupo
- Bwana Niongoze
- Wewe Waweza
- Hayawe Hayawe

Rose Muhando Albums

- Mteule Uwe Macho (2004)
- Kitimutimu (2005)
- Jipange Sawasawa (2008)
- Nyota ya Ajabu (2010)
- Utamu Wa Yesu (2011)
- Nampenda Yesu (2017)
- Jitenge Na Lutu (2017)
- Hangriema with her choir (2017)
- Usife Moyo (2018)

All Rose Muhando songs are online on and available for download in mp3.