Rhumba Mix - DJ Tobias ✔️

Rhumba Mix - DJ Tobias ✔️

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Who is DJ Tobias?
DJ Tobias is a well-respected Kenyan disk jockey. He has earned popularity in the music industry for his diverse music mixes. The mix master, who enjoys a wide fanbase within and beyond the borders of Kenya, has consistently risen to become one of the most sought-after DJs.

DJ Tobias has a keen interest in promoting African music. The major parts of his mixes are composed of African songs. He has also invested a lot of time in creating special mixes that feature African genres.

One genre that has contributed majorly to popularising the spinmaster is Rhumba. His Rhumba mixes have gone viral on various music streaming platforms and garnered thousands of views.

Rhumba is a genre of ballroom music that originated in central Africa. It is characterized by a slow pace that often time creates a relaxing mood. Over time, the genre has spread from Congo to other parts of Africa such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria, among many others.

Among the top Rhumba musicians that have been featured in his mixes are Fally Ipupa, Koffi Olomide, Ferre Gola, Faya Tess, Pygmalion, and Kanda Bongo man, and many more.

Aside from Rhumba, he equally performs incredibly well in other genres such as Lingala and Ohangla. Although there is a slight difference between Lingala and Rhumba, DJ Tobias through his mastery of the two genres distinctively creates top-ranking mixes for the two.

Ohangla, on the other hand, is a local music genre that stems from the Luo community. It bears the signature of African instrumentals in its beats. The language used in the genre is Luo from the Nyanza region of the country. Among the top established Ohangla musicians are; Prince Indah, Musa Jakadalla, Tony Nyadundo, Emma Jalamo, Osogo Winyo among many others.

DJ Tobias has successfully contributed to marketing and selling Ohangla music through his mixes. He has gone the extra step of categorizing various mixes for certain events. For instance, he has produced Ohangla music that is suitable for nightclubs. This has made him stand out as one of the most diverse spinsters in the region.

Despite his outstanding performance in promoting local music, the DJ leads a low-key lifestyle. He rarely shares details of his personal lifestyle on the internet. His works have, however, sold out his name and brand. He enjoys a huge fanbase on the internet where he shares the majority of his works. He also performed at live events and entertainment joints.

How to download his Mixes on Mdundo.com
DJ Tobias mixes are available for free download and streaming on Mdundo.com. Visit the site using any device that can access the internet, navigate to the search bar and type his name, then tap on the search button. A catalog bearing all of his latest mp3 mixes will be displayed. Scroll to your favorite mix and either listen to it online by tapping the play button or save it to your device by tapping the download button.

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