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Ak on the beat , that girl she's killing me , Eddy Kay on the mix , hahaha , Haaaa , yea yea yea yep , na na , na na , this girl she's killing me , killing me , killing me . this girl she's killing me , killing me softly . "Aii" Okay .

Never seen a girl who dance like this never really know she ar dance-hall queen she said she wanna hook up with the dance hall king , dance hall girl , the wine your body fit to put a man in comer , yes me notify yea she is ar diva , me love the way you wine your backer and your chesten , your body movement getting more interesting you be the best thing different from the resting nobody compete when it comes to dancing she really look like señorita but me I like to call her mamasita , me gwan take you to night thing girl competition me know you never fail , each step everybody just dey hail dance-hall thing you are best .......
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