KENYA: 5 Outrageous Celebrity Flashback Photo’s That Prove That Sometimes All We Need is a Little Change #TasteTheFeeling [PART2]



Well there’s no better example of personal improvement or as they say ‘kutoka mbali’ than gospel rapper Juliani.

Born and raised in the hardcore ghetto of Dandora, he rose beyond all odds to make a better person of himself to the lovable dread waving celebrity and upcoming entrepreneur that he is today.

King Kaka (Rabbit)

One of the most prolific spoken-word rappers you’ll ever hear, there’s no doubting Rabbit a.k.a King Kaka’s talent and perhaps that is why it is easy to dismiss that he was once a struggling artist like many others when he first started chasing the dream.

And then from becoming just a mere artist to starting his own brand a Record Label, Kaka Empire where he signs and makes stars on a daily basis.

Lupita Nyong’o

From conquering the acting scene right here in Kenya and Africa, Lupita Nyong’o then took her brand to the global stage that is Hollywood where she had even more success than she did back home, winning one of the biggest accolades that many African actors only dream of getting one day, an Oscar for her inspiring role in the movie ’12 Years a Slave’.

But beyond her success in the big screen, Lupita has had successes outside as well featuring on some of the most popular magazines in the world even being named ‘The Most Beautiful Woman’ in the world by the People Magazine changing the standards of beauty across the world and opening doors for other ‘dark-skin’ beauties out there.

Today she’s more than an actor, she’s a brand for ambassador not only for Africans but ‘dark-skin’ beauties out there trying to achieve all their dreams.

And just like these five celebrities who seem to have mastered the art of making themselves some of  the biggest brands out there, Coca-Cola has also been doing the same at an even larger scale as well for more than a century now.

From changing their image to their slogans, Coca-Cola know a lot about always staying fresh in the minds of their consumers and this year they went even a step further into unifying their brand at a global scale by coming up with one brand slogan for their markets across the World ‘Taste the Feeling’ and with it a catchy tune featuring Avicii and Conrad Sewell just to remind us that they are still on top of their game.

So next  time you grab an ice-cold Coca-Cola, remember that you are not only drinking one of the most refreshing beverages the world has to offer but a lifetime of heritage and excellence in marketing and brand building.

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