KENYA: 5 Outrageous Celebrity Flashback Photo’s That Prove That Sometimes All We Need is a Little Change #TasteTheFeeling [PART 1]

Celebrities and brands have one thing in common, they all know how to change with the times. Sometimes so much in such a short time it’s hard to even remember where they came from and thus for a third party it can be easier to judge the change rather than appreciate it.

But there’s nothing more inspiring than a flashback/throwback photo to show you how far you or someone else have come because even the most famous celebrities once came from humble beginnings to conquering the world in their respective fields.

Today we look at some of those hilarious flashback photos of some of the most famous celebrities to remind ourselves how far they’ve come and maybe along the way appreciate their change instead of judging them too harshly.

Sauti Sol

From touring all over Kenya and to the rest of the continent, attracting massive crowds of people from all over to watch their electrifying performances, Sauti Sol are without a doubt Kenya’s best export when it comes to music.

But let’s also not forget how flashy they are especially when it comes to their clothes, from ‘mosquito nets’ all the way to their skinny jeans, some would say they’re our very own fashion icons and they wouldn’t be wrong either.

However before the fame and fashion, let’s not forget Sauti Sol were but young students in university when they met, with just but a dream and not a dollar but their powerful voices to help them achieve it.

There’s clearly a lot we can learn from them.


Before becoming the ripped hunk that he is now and the always serious (ever notice he never smiles in his videos) international dancehall star, it’s hard to imagine that he was once but a skinny-smiley young man.

But there’s no doubt about it the change of look was more than warranted to make him the dreamy hunk that he is today, wouldn’t you agree ladies.



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