Coca Cola Creates Something Truly Revolutionary for the Instagram and Snapchat Generation #TasteTheFeelingKE

From selfies to Snapchat videos, it almost seems like this generation spend most of its time on social media, expressing themselves and sharing some of life’s best moments.

And Coca Cola being one of the World’s lead brands recognizing the importance of sharing and expressing yourself came up with the new global brand slogan ‘Taste the Feeling’.

With the slogan, Taste The Feeling Coca Cola is asking all its consumes how Coke makes their day to day moments special, but while it can be a little hard for some of us to express ourselves with words, using the inspiration of social media platforms like Snapchat and Vine, Coca-Cola has come up with its own exciting way to express yourself with short GIFs called ‘GIF the Feeling’.

No brand has ever done something this powerful with GIFs and made it accessible to people everywhere. The website is available in both desktop and mobile devices.

At the heart of the GIF the Feeling microsite is a two-minute interactive music video with various scenes displayed as three-second GIFs set to the “Taste the Feeling” music anthem produced by Avicii and featuring singer Conrad Sewell. Each GIF is a mashup of original footage and scenes from the new “Taste the Feeling” TV Ad, and all fit together seamlessly.

As fans watch the video, they will see 32 icons corresponding to emotions – from refreshed and energized, to cool and excited. At any point, the viewer can click into the clip, pull out a GIF and personalize it by typing how they feel. They can then share their personalized GIF on social media with the #TasteTheFeeling hashtag.

And being the end of the first work week of the month, yes it’s finally Friday and it’s also the beginning of the month so your pockets are quite full, that’s when you know it’s going to be a fun weekend.

There’s no better time to express yourself, so simply visit the GIF the Feeling website here  and get yourself an epic gif for the weekend. Don’t forget to add the #TasteTheFeelingKE.

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