KENYA: Willy Paul Announces He's Getting Married, Again! Claims He is Serious This Time

Well I wouldn’t blame you for not taking this seriously considering this is not the first time controversial singer Willy Paul has announced that he is getting married. But after failing to get married the first two times he said he would, this time he has literally promised that he will be settling down for real.

“I have finally decided to settle down. It is something my girlfriend and I discussed while I was away on tour and we have agreed to make our affair public. I will be introducing her to you in a few days,” Willy Paul told the Pulse.

Well considering most of Willy Paul’s romantic escapades are mostly just rumors, and he is seen as the Gospel Industry’s playboy with many women, I suppose this would mean that he could be serious and changing his ways this time round.

“I am making this announcement because I am tired of groupies disturbing me. I want to be transparent with my woman. I am fully taken.”

As to who this lucky woman could be, Willy Paul says that she is an old friend who knew him long before he joined the entertainment industry.

“She is one person who even used to pay my house rent so this has nothing to do with showbiz. And if you insist on her tribe, I can tell you that she is a beautiful Luhya girl,” he remarked.

“When I say I want to settle down, this time round, I want you to take me seriously. Soon you will hear wedding bells.”

Well let’s see how long it lasts this time.

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