UGANDA: Pallaso Releases New Music Video "Tugende Tulonde"

With just 16 days remaining to Uganda’s Presidential Elections dancehall singer Pallaso has come out to urge fellow Ugandans to vote peacefully in his new music video to his hit single “Tugende Tulonde” that was released late last year. He is on fire this year

The video will be the second after Bobi Wines Dembe, Fille & Raysignature Tulonde that also advocates for peaceful elections happening this year. It is feared that post election violence might breakout after this year given rising tensions between the candidates on the campaign trail. In the video Pallaso is seen telling people like street vendors, car washers, beggars on streets and boda boda riders to go voting

People are seen in lines at polling stations and a man who tries to rig votes is seen being arrested by security guards at the station. Watch ‘Tugende Tulonde’ by Pallaso below


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