KENYA: "The Music Industry is Not a Bed of Roses...Get Back to Work"- Grandpa Records CEO's Heartfelt Letter to Bahati

It’s been one week since Bahati announced that he was quitting Gospel music for fear of his life.

The announcement went viral causing quite the stir on social media, blogs and even made it to mainstream media.

After the announcement the ‘My Lover’ singer went back to his radio silence and we’ve not heard from him since.

However many artists and veterans of the music industry have chimed in on the ongoing conversation offering ‘words of wisdom’ to Bahati.

Rufftone one of the veterans of the Gospel industry asked Bahati not to despair and that he should not quit just because a section of artist have it in for him.

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And recently another veteran of the music industry, Refigah, who is also the CEO of Grandpa Records wrote a heartfelt open later asking the gospel singer not to quit after facing a tough challenge.

He calls Bahati ‘one of the most obedient, disciplined artists’ he has ever come across and adds that he is ‘great song writer, brilliant recording artist, energetic stage performer with great PR’.

Refigah also tells Bahati that the industry is not ‘a bed of roses’ saying that even he has been in the youngster’s situation before. But most of all he says that one should not quit.

Check out what he wrote below;

“For the past 3 days Gospel fans darling  Bahati Grabbed the headlines with his early Retirement Breaking news.i went through the story on different blogs and dailies and I’ve decided to pen this.first and foremost it’s not in my nature to meddle in anyone’s business or to poke my nose into each and every issue that happens in the entertainment industry especially to an individual but I happen to think Bahati is one of the most talented artists in our music industry in General and a revolution in the Gospel industry.He is one of the most obedient,disciplined artists I have ever come across and has all the qualities a good artist should posses:great song writer,brilliant recording artist,energetic stage performer and his PR is quite something because everyone-old and young-is in love with Bahati! I would however like to advice my younger brother to drop his retirement agenda because the music industry or showbiz in general is not a bed of roses.far from it.we are living in a jungle where everyone wants to be the best. There is no difference between showbiz and’s a popularity contest and your opponent can and will do anything to bring you down for them to’s a dirty game where even your friends and own family can turn against you! I’ve Gone through a lot in showbiz,from competitors trying to play dirty,paying blogs to write negative things about me and my record label,to turning some artists within my stable against me n make me look like the worst creature alive.but I have never lost focus.people will always talk and throw all sorts of mud at me but I will always keep my head up and Aluta continua. Well,i am not here to tell my story,Brother Bahati,i will write a book for that.mine is just to urge you and tell you to fear no man, Only fear the Almighty GOD.Our music industry is full of hypocrites,cowards and all sot of characters who will shoot you down while hiding in their comfort zones. Your retirement will not make any significant change but will only hurt your fans and if you take time to come back believe me you won’t find them waiting for you! The reason most people never achieve their dreams is because they simply give up. Life was never meant to be easy – its a constant struggle, with extreme lows and extreme highs. Remember that the times when its most important to persevere are the times that you will be most tested.The world’s greatest achievers have been those who have always stayed focused on their goals and have been consistent in their efforts. Bahati you have all the reasons not to quit the music industry because when your competitors get to a level of allegedly blackmailing you,buying people to frame you, bloggs to damage your good name then you should know musically /business-wise you have made it and are ahead of them that’s why they would go to such extremes! Can you imagine if I gave up because of the challenges I went through from competitors to people close to me backstabbing me? do you think GrandPa Records would be the Biggest stable today?if i decided to quit because of the few individuals in the music industry who are not happy because of our success or existance do you think our industry would be where it is today? Even if you quit music as

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