WEEKLY CHARTS: Top Ten Jams This Week!

And it’s a new record for upcoming rapper Rhymaholic MVI after being in the top spot for two weeks READ MORE>> OVERALL CHARTS: Up And Coming Rapper Proves Unbeatable! 

Kenya’s beloved three musketeers, H_art the Band seem to paddling a sink ship as they slide down to the 7th position. With this much change in the charts, I cannot wait to see what next week has in store for us;    

Download 1 Rhymaholic MVI - Rhymaholism

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Download 2 Barakah Da Prince - SIACHANI NAWE 

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Download 3 Avril - Hello Baby Feat Ommy Dimpoz

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Download 4 JUX - Nikuite Nani?

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Download 5 P-Unit - Weka Weka

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Download 6 Sura Yako

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Download 7 H_art the band (Penya Africa) - Nikikutazama

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Download 8 Kristoff - Dandia Feat Frasha , Rabbit

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Download 9 Rich Mavoko - Pacha Wangu



Download 10 JUX - Sisikii

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