EXCLUSIVE: Meet The Most Downloaded Rapper In The 254!

“When I'm writing, I'm thinking about how the songs are going to play live. Fifty bars of rap don't translate onstage. No matter how potent the music, you lose the crowd. They want a hook; they want to sing your stuff back to you.” One of the most quotable artists of our generation Drake, once said and one of our local rappers Rhymaholic MVI, is following this advice more than girls with complex issues follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter.

The rapper, Rhymaholic MVI has been one of the most downloaded artists on Mdundo, with his song ‘Definition’ topping the hip hop charts for the past month and speaking to Mdundo he let us know what his secret is:

“Before I released the song ‘Definition’, I sought advice from DJ’s the likes of DJ Final Cut and he told me what sells and how to make it more appealing to the crowd. These were the same grounds I hence built ‘Definition’ on and if you take a good listen to the song, you realize it’s a quite catchy trap song which one cannot help but sing along to”  

Ever listened to a song for the first time and in just a few seconds felt like you could sing along to every other word, simply because it was way too catchy and fun? ‘Definition’ is exactly that kind of song! Top notch rhymes with a sophisticated flow that will have your tongue all snagged up wishing you could rhyme!

“I currently have 11 songs and I will make it a dozen soon with a song dubbed ‘The Definition’, a conscious piece about a rape case” added the rapper.

Rhymaholic is star and like most stars he will only get bigger from here!  

Download Rhymaholic MVI - Definition  FREE!


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