KENYA: Sauti Sol Launching a Record Label

Sauti Sol has just released their 5th single off their Afrikan Sauce. Their new song is titled ‘Short and Sweet’. 

“Working with Nyashinski was absolutely amazing. This collaboration was inevitable and we knew that both our sounds would fuse so well together but it honesty came out better than we ever expected it to.”

Besides a new album, and a tour starting in June, Sauti Sol are launching a record label, whose details they want to keep close to their hearts.

‘We are in the final stages, are almost shooting videos for them, it’s new faces and you will like them’, they promised fans.

They also revealed they will do it different from other labels and one thing you won’t see is a bunch of artistes.

‘Imetutake time kufika hi stage, so everything is being professionalized.’

Savara and Marek will do the business end of the label, while Polycarp is doing the grooming of the artistes.

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