UGANDA: Mowzey Radio Was Extremely Loving – Juliana Kanyomozi

Musician Juliana Kanyomozi has shared her two pence on now deceased musician Mowzey Radio.

In a teary interview with Karitas on NBS’s Chatroom, Juliana said that she admired Mowzey’s style and knew him as a loving and very kind hearted person.

‘He was extremely loving. He was so loving and he expressed it. That is one thing people didn’t know about Mowzey. He had a big heart,’ she told viewers.

On whether she knew about his music plans in the days preceding his passing, Juliana said she had no idea he had switched to Angel music. ‘I didn’t know about him switching to Angel Music until his passing. But as an artiste, I understand. You reach a stage where you want to evolve, I’m also in the stage, and do something new.’


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