KENYA: Cabon T Wins Big At The First MCs Fight Night By Mdundo

Mdundo's first ever MCs Fight Night happened last week on the 16th December at the Sarakasi Dome and it was the beginning of many more rap battles to come. The event was hosted by the renowned MC and rapper Point Blank and DJ Mr Bor. It was a night full of energy from the performances by the rappers and the guest artist Luodollar. All the contesting rappers were in four random groups and Mr Bor drew a beat from the already recorded 6 beats through which the rappers had to flow with. Voting was done live on Twitter polls and the rapper with the most votes proceeded to the next round. 11 rappers got to battle each other head to head in two rounds until there were only four rappers left.

The finalists; Rhymes, Cabon T, Titanium and Bic Epz had one final battle and gospel rapper Cabon T emerged as  the Ksh. 25000 winner with the most votes on Twitter. East Africa’s Mdundo aims to have more rap battles in 2018 and ensure growth in Kenyan hip hop scene.

Congratulations to Cabon T and a big thank you to all MCs who took part.

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