KENYA: Honouring Hustlers - Davy Muini Releases His New Song 'Wíra ni Wíra'

After the huge success of his debut single ‘Sponsor’, Mugithi Artist Davy Muini recently released his new art piece ‘Wíra ni Wíra’. Even though his fast-growing fan base demanded new songs shortly after ‘Sponsor’ spread out, he did not feel like being in a rush: “I don’t want to release one song after another, that all sound the same, like some other artists do, just because now I have the attention. I want to take my time, to compose a song that is great for itself, not because of my name or the success of ‘Sponsor’. That’s why I had to compose several songs until I finally found out for myself which song to release after my debut.”

‘Wíra ni Wíra’ is an appreciation song to all Kenyans hustling very hard every day to sustain their livelihood and feed their families. It does not matter if you are working in a fancy office or on the streets: A job is a job. The topic is very personal as the singer and guitarist sold CDs on the streets of Nairobi, before being accepted to National Youth Talent Academy, where his musical journey began.

Davy also acquired international acknowledgement after he was invited to Pop Kultur Festival in Berlin, Germany, taking Mugithi abroad and entertaining Kenyans in the diaspora.

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