UGANDA: Keko Is Happy In Canada

East African and Ugandan female rapper, Keko has found a new home. Some months back, word hit social media that she was stranded in Canada without shelter. However, later she informed her almost heartbroken fans that she is okay.

Keko has since then been showering her fans with amazing photos of her in Canada. She also showed how she was free to express her sexuality.

Homesexuality was declared illegal in Uganda but Keko was not shy to tell Ugandans she was a gay.

"Thank you Canada for giving me a new home. I feel free like a new person. It was a burden to live in a box and walk on egg shells", she tweeted.

Keko who's from Tororo, Uganda is a talented rapper known for amazing hits like 'Alwoo' , 'Make You Dance' and many more.

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