TANZANIA: Dogo Janja To Return Back To School

Tanzanian rapper, Dogo Janja who is doing well with his new song 'Ngarenaro' has decided to return back to school after many years of leaving school.
Dogo Janja left school in form two after he failed in an examination that could have made him to proceed to form three. Dogo Janja however, has been doing well in the music game, year after year releasing hit songs.

Madee Seneda, Dogo Janja's manager and music-godfather, told East Africa Radio that his artist is planning to return back to school next year. He said Dogo Janja will be going to do form four exams and probably he will get a certificate which will help him to proceed in his education as it is important in life.

"What is important is for him to get a certificate, you know education will remain to be education, it is important in life. If you leave him to go on with short-cuts, that's not right. With education you have a store of everything you want, and it will help you to perform in life", he said.

Madee added that the rapper will be quiet for a whole year, without releasing a project in order to get ample time to finish school, then afterwards he will return back to the game after completing his mission.

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