TANZANIA: "I'm Tanzanian 'Justin Bieber', Not Competing With Anyone" - Beka Flavour

Beka Flavour has said that he's doing his own type of music and not competing with anyone in the music industry and so people should stop comparing him with his fellow Tanzanian artist Aslay.

Beka who was formerly a member of Yamoto Band with Aslay has told E-Newz of EATV that he's not doing music for competition and so it's good for people to support their work when they are released.

"I'm doing my own type of music and I believe it is only mine. I'm Bongo's Justin Bieber", he said.

"They need to support us. It's not good to make it like we are competing with each other. I am not doing music for competition and never will I do it. I don't have a problem with any Tanzanian artist", he added.

Beka Flavour is currently topping charts with his new single 'Sikinai'.

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