UGANDA: Zanie Brown Hits Studios Again For a Fresh Banger

Songstress Zanie Brown known for her 'Friendly Match' song with Ziza Bafana is another piece not to joke with musically as many saw her in the news making rounds recently when she was donating scholastic materials to an orphanage school and we came to resurrect the feel of her being around and she is back again to us with a bang.

According to our snoopy Blizz moles that managed to sneak in Zanie’s daily moves schedule, we are reliably informed that her car has been seen on several occasions visiting Jeeb records an audio production studio which is said to be the house of hits and we can assure you that it goes beyond no doubt that she is set to drop us a mouthwatering tune that will keep us off our butts.

Today, we managed to get her on phone and she really assured us that she has a hit in the making with the best producer of this time producer Crouch of Jeeb records and she urged us to keep in a wait. “Yes you are right, I started working on my latest project and I will reveal the good news in its completion and you must dance more than ever,” Zanie chirped.


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