UGANDA: “I Can not Stay Abroad for a Month”- Bebe Cool

Inter-cooler Big size Bebe Cool the Gagamel International  boss has come out to reveal and show how far he fears and respects the Uganda music industry in accordance to the hyper speed it grows on in that he says he cannot spent a whole month outside the country. This was said on a brief one on one talk with our Blizz mole and he had a lot to share including his projects currently.

As he moved on to share how he has enjoyed outside Uganda trips, he said countries like the United States are better places to live in because of the luxury existent there and the welcoming environment,  he quipped on possible hits to come along in a few days that he made with international superstars plus the videos he did which will be released soon but he again knocked on a point that he is never willing to be abroad for a month.

When asked why he said so, he gave in to a fact that he fears home competition to throw him away. “I am touched by the fact that Ugandans release songs on a high speed and if you spend a month or two abroad you may find everyone home with a music album and hence being pushed out of the game” The Love You Everyday hit maker revealed.  This showed us how high the industry is shooting and how the established artistes fear succumbing to upcoming artistes.



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