TANZANIA: I Have A Management, Now I Am Ready To Work - Enock Bella

Yamoto Band for the past years did well in the music industry, which resulted to regional recognition as one of the best music groups and even being nominated in African Music Awards. They were able to release hit after hit garning up fans across East Africa.

Recently, music fans got dissapointed as the music group separated and every member went his way, recording single projects except for one, Enock Bella who went silent and fans wondered what had happened to him.

Enock Bella told XXL Show of Clouds FM the reason why he had been silent and it's because he wasn't signed under any management. Fortunately Enock now has a management and he will be releasing his first project. He also congratulated his fellow group members after they did well in their single projects.

"I now have a new management and we have made plans so that our work can run well. My silence was due to my long search of a good management to handle my projects. This is the right time to start working despite the fact that my fellow group members started and succeeded", he said.

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