NIGERIA: Davido To Save Life Of His Fan

A few weeks ago, after a female fan of the Nigerian artist, David Adeleke (Davido), Chiamaka Okeke announced that on August 13 which is her birthday, she would kill herself if she would be unable to meet his favorite artist. Fortunately, Davido has agreed to meet the fan on that date.

Davido has said that he is ready to attend her birthday so that he can save her life. This is after he saw her complains that since 2014 she has tried to send messages and there was no reply.

"Some weeks ago, there was a video of my fan announcing that she is ready to kill herself since for a long time she never saw me, and so I’m not ready to cause her death, I assure her that I will attend her birthday in order to save her life", Davido wrote on his Instagram page.

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