UGANDA: Meet A Man Behind Most Of Eddy Kenzo & Bebe Cool's Successful Projects

Charmant Mushaga is slowly taking his place in the music industry and is already going places. The self-proclaimed East African number one guitarist says he has 3 albums and 17 songs so far to his name. He has collabos with sexy Naava Grey and rapper Keko. We caught up with him and he shared with us his music journey, relationship and marriage plans;

Tell us about yourself?

My life hasn’t been that good. I was born and raised in DR Congo. During the Mai Mai war in Eastern DRC that left many people dead, I relocated to Uganda and settled in the Refugees camp. I stayed in the camps for some good time until I was spotted because of my unique talent.

So who spotted you?

 In the refugee camps, UNICEF used to come and organise talent search events. Being a good guitarist, it was easy for them to spot me. Watoto Church took me over and mentored me … and that’s how I marked the beginning of my music journey.

How did you start working with Top Ugandan Musicians?

It was never easy. It took me time but slowly the people who spotted me from Watoto Church helped me by connecting me to different artistes. Ugandan artistes love good work and they appreciated my work.

You refer to Eddy Kenzo as your friend, how did you meet?

Eddy Kenzo is the first Top Ugandan artist I worked with. I am the guitarist behind his most successful songs like ‘Mbilo Mbilo’, 'Dagala' and ‘Nice and lovely’. We became friends and he introduced me to other artistes.

Which other artistes Have you worked with?

I worked with Bebe Cool on his latest song, ‘Teka Sente Wolaba’.  I have a collabo with Naava Grey and Keko. I have done work with Rema among others.

Talking of Naava Grey, rumour has it that, you two are dating?

 No way, we are friends, she is like my twin sister and we are work mates. We are signed to the same label called Moltage Entertainment. We have done so much work together but we have maintained the good relationship.

How does it feel working with a top artist?

I have good and bad experience of course. On a good note, I feel good when I see my work taking those top artists to places. However, I am not noticed and sometimes appreciated for my good work.

Works aside, are you in any relationship?

Ha! Yes, I am dating a top banker. She is a good and loving person; we shall end up getting married. I am not ready to disclose her for now.

Between Nwagi and Rema who would you love to bed?

Man, none of them. I am so committed but Winnie Nwagi is not my type. Rema is just a sweet and loving person.

You claim you are East African Number one Guitarist, how about Mike Ouma?

Ouma is good in his ways. I think I can compare, Ouma to be Catherine Kusasira and me, Juliana Kanyomozi. I am just ahead of time Brah!

Your last remarks, please.

Howwe.Biz, you’re the number one entertainment site... Please recognise my work.



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