TANZANIA: Leave Harmorapa Alone - Diamond

Harmorapa has not only become a household name in Tanzania but also across East Africa region. The hip-hop star is now riding high with his
song 'Kiboko Ya Mabishoo' which he featured the veteran bongo fleva artist Juma Nature.

The upcoming rapper got a lot of attention when he met himself in a beef with Moze Iyobo, Diamond Platnumz dancer. In an interview with Global Online TV, Diamond, explained how he feels about the Harmorapa and his opinion, as he has been making headlines off late with looks like that of Harmonize.

According to Diamond, he said he has no problem with the youngster as he has work hard to get a chance to be known. He added that the young rapper is struggling to survive so leave him alone and support him.

"I think, first I have to congratulate Harmonize because, if you become a person where someone somewhere is looking up to you, may be your fan, like Harmorapa, it means there's someone watching you and using his links. I also congratulate Harmorapa because he is poorly looking for survival, let's support him", he said.


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