Willy Paul has become one of the most controversial yet popular gospel artists in the country. Despite his scandals and controversy-filled life
the Fanya hitmaker is one of the most celebrated singers amongst the youth with most of his songs getting positive feedback from the young
Willy Paul real name,Wilson Abubakar Radido has worked very hard to become on of the biggest artist in the Kenyan showbiz industry,despite
coming from a poverty-stricken background in the heart of Mathare slums.T

hough he has a successful music career,Willy Paul has faced a lot of controversies including asking for nude photos and videos from lasses,getting his ex-girlfriend pregnant then dumping her and even drinking alcohol. He has vehemently denied these allegations. The young gospel artiste recently released a song with celebrated songstress Size 8 dubbed Tiga Wana which has received a lot of criticism from their fans,because it does not convey any Christian message or potray gospel music in a good way.

Size 8 and Willy Paul have however not been apologetic because they maintain that its a gospel song which has a different twist and sound
and despite all the negative comments and criticism the two singers remain steadfast that they are genuine gospel artistes.

"They should give me a break, I write and sing songs which reach out the lost young generation and there's a positive impact on them,why
would someone criticised the song and its a gospel song,"said Willy Paul.


Article by Enoch Tipape 

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